Photo above: The sun shines on the Grand Opening ceremonies for Star Seedlings on Saturday May 25th. Note puddles on the parking lot in the background here, from rain that was falling just a few minutes before this picture was taken. Left to right: Jan Patterson, RSCT director of Early Childhood Education, George Ivanoff, board member, Diana Hughes, RSCT founder and board member, Karen Weyler, Childcare Director, James Brian, RSCT Executive Director, and Catherine Daugherty, board member. In the foreground are two trees that were being planted to mark the occasion. On the easel behind George is the list of donors, friends and helpers who were being honoured.

On Saturday May 25th, 2109, friends, donors, helpers and supporters were invited to celebrate to come to 81 Speedvale Ave. Guelph to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Star Seedlings Family and Childcare Centre.

It may not look like it in the pictures, but May 25th was a wet and rainy Saturday. However, the weather did clear up in time for the opening ceremony, which Childcare Director Karen Weyler had planned to hold in the back yard of the Centre. Not only did the rain stop, but for a while the sun came out from behind the clouds to shine on the gathering and dedication.

Karen had prepared a list of the names of the friends, sponsors and supporters she wanted to honour at the Grand Opening. They were all invited, and many of them were on hand for the event. Even though not everyone was able to attend, all their names were read by Karen in her thank you to the community. The full list is included below.

In the weeks following the Grand Opening ceremony, the Star Seedlings Family and Childcare Centre received the long-awaited final Ministry approval and was able to start accepting children and their families into the program.

So if you know someone who might like to enroll their child in the Star Seedlings program, please encourage them to come out to this Saturday’s July 20th Open House (10 am to 2 pm), or if that doesn’t work for them, suggest that they contact Karen for an interview.

Donations and Support for Creation of Star Seedling Childcare

On behalf of everyone at Rudolf Steiner Centre we would like to acknowledge and thank you for your contributions:

Aisha Hassan

Agetina Bushi

Anita Mayerhofer

Anne-Marie Macdonell

Annette Wintjes

Arlene Kamo

Artan Bushi

Bob Walberg

Carl Visser and the Board of Riverside Community Reformed Church

Catherine Daugherty

Colleen Umrau

Crystal Hendry

David Libbenga and the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario

Diana Hughes

Diane Kyd and Camphill Communities Ontario

Douglas White

Gabriele Schneider

George Ivanoff

Halton Waldorf School Early Childhood Faculty

Heather Church

Heidi Vukovich

Helen Choi

Ilana Goldschmidt

Ilse Black

Jacqui Weyler

James Brian

James W and the Woodshop of Camphill

Jan Ney Patterson

Josh Harriman and crew

Kaitlin Beard

Kathleen Edmison

Kim McQuaite

Kirk Pollock

Kristina Wyatt

Linda Lee and  Paper Pippit

Lisa Buffett

Lucia Amaral

Marg Beard

Marilyn Grudniski

Mario Mancuso

Melina Marin

Mulberry Waldorf School Early Childhood Faculty

Nancy Chapitis

Natasha Nair

Nichole Borowik

Noah Klar

Norm Sailian

Paul Hodgkins

Patti Wolfe

Patti Skamoto

Philippe Leheureux

Rachel Fawcett

Ralf Weyler

Rhonny Russman

Richard Chomko

Rihana Rutledge

Rob MacKay

Rudolf Steiner Centre Class of 2019 Ariadna, Wahsont:io, Joong Gwang, Daniel, Dong Dong, Sulamita

Stacy Scheile

Sherry Standish

Tara Chen

Tena Wetmore

Thomas Dannenberg

Veronica Marquez

Waltraud Uebelhoer

Ward Pangborn

William Caldwell

Wilhelm “Willie” Platzer

Yvonne Ip

Zue Zhao